Black Hole Fest ||


Only three more weeks until Black Hole Fest II!

We're looking forward to play our fourth show in Switzerland, especially since it's such an interesting and international line-up:

Friday, October 1
🇩🇰 Afsky
🇧🇪 Antzaat
🇩🇪 Totenwache
🇩🇪 Darkmoon Warrior
🇹🇷 Moribund Oblivion
🇨🇭 Causam
Saturday, October 2
🇸🇪 Dark Funeral
🇩🇪 Halphas
🇵🇹 Corpus Christii
🇩🇪 Krater
🇩🇪 Grabak
🇮🇹 Stormcrow

Another good thing is the fact that this is a maskfree event! As long as you are tested, vaccinated of if you've recovered from COVID-19 you're welcome to enjoy this fine festival.