A new year, a new album!


We're finally ready to reveal the artwork of our upcoming split album. The release date is still a mystery and the artwork is once again skillfully crafted by our very own Ronarg. Join our mailing list if you want to be the first to know the release date and album title.

Thanks for being part of this journey, hope to see you on the road!

Black Hole Fest Germania


Only 29 days left...

Immerse yourself in the enigmatic ambiance of Black Hole Fest Germania! As the sun sets on Friday, the cave's hidden depths will come alive with our mesmerizing melodies. Prepare to be captivated by a sonic journey like no other, surrounded by the allure of nature's embrace. Join us in celebrating music, unity, and the mystique of the underground at this remarkable festival. Your Friday night plans just got a whole lot more exciting!

Kludde support


We are thrilled to announce that Antzaat has been asked to join forces with the formidable Kludde for a night that will leave the very fabric of reality quivering!

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Horna support


It's been a while since our last gig, but next week we'll do a last-minute support show for the mighty Horna alongside A Thousand Sufferings. Tickets were sold out in a flash, but those that managed to get a ticket will witness us play a couple of new songs from our upcoming release that PJ from A Thousand Suffering is currently putting the finishing touches to.

Mixing and Mastering


All guitars and vocals are recorded and mixing is well underway. We hope to provide a glimpse of the upcoming album in the following weeks.

In the meantime, here are some behind the scenes pictures of Ronarg, Nihil and Eenzaat's drumkit.

Drum recordings


Two days of blastbeats, critical listening, discussions about Eenzaat's hi-hat sound and blastbeats again.
Next up: bass, guitars and vocals.

Many thanks to Jonas at Go To Eleven

The Blasphemic Warfare II


Back to where it all started...

In two months time we will play at The Blasphemic Warfare II in Oberhausen.

Black Hole Fest ||


Only three more weeks until Black Hole Fest II!

Really looking forward to play our fourth show in Switzerland.

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Finally another live show


In two and a half weeks time we will finally have a proper LIVE Album Release Show! Read more

For You Men Who Gaze Into The Sun has been released!


Today marks an important day for Antzaat, since we just released our first full length album! Read more